April, 2006 review of "Five Dimes" from Blues Revue

by Tom Hyslop

Five Dimes present's Ann Arbor's Bluescasters in a good light; the self-released effort shows off clean tones, crisp rhythms, and generally fine singing. "Spin Club" jumps agreeably, Kerry Adams gives "This Old Guitar" a jazzy hook, and the raw "Get Out Of My Face" carries an unmistakable message. "That's All She Left Me," bolstered by it's push-me-pull-you groove and George Katsakis' sax, has the makings of a soul blues classic. To their credit, the Bluescasters mix up the beats, with big boogies ("Big Brother Blues"), train rhythms (Whiskey Headed Woman"), and '60s funk (applied to "All Shook Up," of all songs).