Blues CD reviews

The Bluescasters

Give Yourself the Blues

The Bluescasters' self-released "Give Yourself the Blues" is a reminder of why Detroit has always been a major blues town. This is a class-A disc. The quartet of Kerry Adams (guitar, vocals, percussion), Doug Wolgat (bass), Phil Ryski (harmonica, keys, vocals), and Harry Rodman (drums, vocals, percussion), is strong on musicianship and writing skills. Three of the band members take turns on lead vocals and all contribute strong songsmithing. Standouts are the opening "Devil Done Raised Up," with its killer harp/guitar work and the harmonizing vocals, "Read the Fine Print," which reminds a bit of "Take Out Some Insurance" and features excellent slide guitar, "Santa Fe," with its fun storyline, and the jazzy Allmans-like title tune (with exemplary drumming).

One of the standout discs of '06, this self produced gem is one well worth searching out.

.by Mark E.Gallo, Detroit Blues Society