The Bluescasters - Five Dimes

There is nothing more dangerous than a band of old geezers equipped with musical instruments. It is even worse when, like the Bluescasters, they know how to use them and that they spit fire in spite of arthritis and other degenerative conditions, and explode flooding us with rhythms to knock your socks off. This is totally the case with our four fiftyish guys, a band of music vets carrying no less than 30 to 40 years of experience in their bag and a furious need to kill anything that looks like (from close up or far) an old man pair of slippers. A band of old geezers ever so eager that they really produce with this, their first CD. Can you imagine their energy or maybe their contained frustration? But no, you cannot If you have not listened to it yet. But beware, it is dangerous!

With Five Dimes, the Michigan natives, Kerry Adams (guitars and vocals), Doug Wolgat (bass and vocals), Harry Rodman (drums and vocals) and Phil Ryski (harmonica, piano and vocals), reinforced by George Katsakis (sax) and Ross Westerbur (keyboards), allow us to benefit from their enormous experience and distill a blues out of this world, mixed with a broad diversity of sounds, rhythms, their kind of blues!! Nothing conventional without being revolutionary, don’t be afraid my chicken, just a synthesis of everything that exists, mixed in the Bluescasters’ fashion. A trip starting in New Orleans, ending in Detroit, enriched in Memphis and Chicago, with a zest of Texas sound, 13 songs from “Swinging Blues” as they call it themselves, among which 10 are original songs, well conceived, with superb lyrics with contagious rhythms, executed by a remarkably cohesive group, not a hair astray, very square, solid and powerful, only happiness and pleasure...a real fountain of youth.

Blues & Co