Kerry Adams - Guitar & Vocals

What can I say about this rollercoaster ride called the music business? All the years (40+) spent toiling away at my craft? The people I've had the pleasure to work with and the places I've been (too many to recall)? The stories from the road in all the bands I've been fortunate to be part of (brain cells that don't function any more prohibit accurate recall)?

I'd rather not expound on those things here because as any musician knows….you are a product of all the people, places and things you've been exposed to over the years. There've been too many great times, incredible band mates, and supportive audience members to count...all those nights in the studio writing, arranging and producing my music as well as recording other musicians and vocalists...

But it's always been about the music. I like to follow a simple code in music…."play every night like it's your last…and never forget who you're doing it for." This is the ethic I bring to the Bluescasters and am proud to be a member of a musical project that has members with such deep and diverse backgrounds. They're consummate professionals that work as hard as they can to give something back. Did I remember to say it's always been about the music?