Phil Ryski - Harp, Guitar, Piano, & Vocals

Phil Ryski (rhymes with whiskey) and his past are somewhat shrouded in secrecy. A master of twelve instruments and fluent in Transylvanian, Phil is often approached by beautiful women in nightclubs who whisper something in his ear and glance back over their shoulder as they walk away flashing suspcious smiles. There are several theories circulating, all of which point to a sordid past filled with intrigue and skullduggery. "Witness protection program", said one patron at a recent Bluescasters' show. Other sources have mentioned possibilities such as "underground cult leader", and "reclusive billionaire."

The truth may never be known, but his bandmates know this...when the the count hits four, Phil will be wailing on harp, pounding the 88s, or shredding on a vintage Telecster, pushing the Bluescaster machine into overdrive.You can catch Phil by checking out our schedule page and coming to a Bluescaster's performance (no garlic or silver, please).

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