Live at The Village Theater
The finest in RED HOT rockin' blues!
Harry Rodman - Drums, Vocals
"In the pocket" defines this seasoned veteran, who excels at hammering out the rock steady rhythms that keep the rest of the band rolling.
Kerry Adams - Guitar, vocals
With his blazing solos and rock solid rhythm, Kerry is a force the can't be denied. Front and center, he's a natural baritone with a touch for harmony.

Phil Ryski - Harp,, Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Evety band needs someone to drive the music to the edge. Phil's just the cat to
push the 'casters over the top. More


Doug Wolgat - Bass, Vocals
Doug spent many years honing his craft in Motown. If the house is rockin, chances are that Doug is shaking the foundation. More

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