Doug Wolgat - Bass & Vocals

Born and raised in Detroit, Doug's musical journey began with piano lessons in the late '60s. He played bassoon in junior high and flute in high school. Influenced by legendary rock and rollers like The Doors and the Rolling Stones, Doug first picked up guitar in 1971. He began playing bass in 1975 in a Detroit rock & roll band called the Fuzz Brothers because they couldn't find a bass player. After thirty years in Detroit and two in New York City, Ann Arbor became home in 1987. Since then, Doug has played with a lot of great musicians in many of the coolest venues in Michigan.

A life-long fan of Fender basses, Doug's current favorite is a 1999 Fender Jazz V (pictured in the photo). His amps are all Gallien Krueger with a combination of 10, 12, and 15 inch GK speaker cabinets to match venues of any size. Doug uses a Shure wireless transmitter, allowing him the freedom to wander to the bar for a shot of whiskey, or even join the dance floor action.